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My most precious task and core mission in life is supporting you on your way to a meaningful, balanced life. I draw from experience & tools that enhance your own innate life force, joy and vitality, which will boost YOUR courage to follow your life purpose!/h3>


The short version

Education & experience 2002-2003: Studied in India: yoga & ayurveda 2004-2006: Certified as Birth coach by Mia Jiaya Gilling Borgmann 2005: Started my own business: Maria Juhl – yoga & coaching 2008: Certified Life & business coach from Manning Inspire 2008-2011: Worked as coach trainer, mentor coach, feedbacker and yoga teacher at Manning Inspire 2009: Co-founded www.dyssekildeyoga.dk, to which I’m still connected as a guest teacher 2009-2014: Continuous courses at The Chopra Center University in California: Yoga, meditation & ayurveda. Was certified in November 2014. 2010-11: Worked as inhouse coach at www.rainmaking.dk, within the area of health & stress management 2011: Released the guided yoga program, The Journey towards wholeness (CD & download) 2011-12: Regular yogablogger for Fit Living 2012-2013: Manager education & role at a private firm 2014-medio 2015: Daily manager & teacher at Dyssekilde Yogacenter 2015- now: CEO of Nordic Academy of Ayurveda, supporting companies and individuals in leading meaningful, balanced lives: Through online courses, workshops, lectures, blogs & as a permanent writer for the Danish magazines ChriChri, Psykologi & Liv & Sjæl. October 2017: First book release: “Live more- struggle less: Ayurvedic lifestyle in the North” March 2018: Launched the online lifestyle universe MER LIVSENERGI for everyone who wishes support towards a healthier and more vibrant lifeforce in their everyday lives. Will be launched in English end of 2019. August 2019: Book release: “AYURVEDA – FOLLOW THE RHYTHM OF NATURE” at Gyldendal  

The longer & more personal version

In 2001,  while studying at university, I was well on my way into a depression. I was pushing myself into a constant high performance mode, and I had basically planned and executed a life, I didn’t like, to say the least. I felt constantly stressed, and had no space just for being. When I began having a hard time falling asleep as well, I started doing yoga. Despite my non-existant pre-hand knowledge of the yoga practice, I had an idea, that this might help me. Hand-in-hand with the yoga exercises, I integrated the Ayurvedic principles into my everyday life, and I was very surprised by the profound effect, this natural system had on my health. Since then, I’ve been so passionate about sharing Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, that I chose to educate myself and teach these areas and techniques. In my experience, the people of the North, live in a highly effective, fast-moving culture,  which means it’s vital that our yoga practices don’t just become another milestone on the high performance road. Rather we need to focus on accepting ourselves to the fullest, within the bodies that we inhabit. We can only attain deep, bodily release and the in-depth effect of the ancient yogic techniques, through self-acceptance. From 2002 to 2003, I attended a self-structured educational programme in India. And from 2009 to 2014, I educated myself further and learned from Deepak Chopra (www.chopra.com) in California. Deepak is one of our time’s most influential translators of the timeless Indian wisdom. My certification from The Chopra Center includes Ayurveda, Vedic Philosophy, Meditation & Yoga (please. see Dr. Chopra’s recommendation of my work beneath here). In addition to this, I’ve flirted considerably with coaching, and in 2008 I became a certified Life & Business Coach from Manning Inspire. After my certification and until 2011, I was an affiliated as a certifier, mentorcoach, coachtrainer and yoga teacher there. I have an indomitable belief that all of us can create the lives we truly desire, and that it is much easier than we believe.
With love
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Deepak Chopra, worldrenouned expert in the field of holistic health & best-selling author

”Maria is a profoundly competent & experienced yoga teacher. She is very credible and trustwothy, and she is an enormous resource, with a lot to offer. As a teacher, Maria is present, warm and very inspiring, and I’ve been looking forward to her every lesson”.

Sofia Manning, coach, author & courseholder

”I was contaminated by Marias energy, from our very fist meeting! Marias message centeres around the fact that our journey towards balance and increased life energy is allowed, when we create space for it, feel info ourselves, and attend to ourselves with care and love. Maria’s teaching is the essence of her deep knowlegde combined with her own life experience, pracice, openess and insight, and she will inspire YOU, as well as she inspires me and the people coming into SoulHouse every week!”

Mie Martha Moltke, dancer, lecturer, author & developer of FeminineFlow

”I use Maria’s teachings to de-strees both body and mind. After a workday, it’s so very nice to land in the body and think clearly. After having tried different instructors and yoga types, it’s a pleasure to be back with the best”.

Jarl Rosenlykke, Partner at Rainmaking.dk

”Since the summer of 2014, Maria Juhl has been associated with the Active Care department within Halsnæs Commune, as a health coach. Maria has helped the employees of the commune with stress prevention through Mindfulness & Yoga. Her work has included both group and individual training. She has been involved in preventive as well as re-boosting efforts in decreasing the sick leave of the employees of the commune. We’ve been very happy with Marias work and effort, which has always been very professional and ethical”.

Nicolai Friis, Working environment consultant

Contact me on: mail@mariajuhl.com or tlf. +45 6065 0804