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Nordic Ayurveda was founded by Kristine Swalethorp and Maria Juhl, who are two of Denmark’s leading experts and teachers within Ayurveda. Their aim is to bring Ayurveda’s ancient and effective tools into a modern, Nordic context, so that even more people can achieve increased life energy, joy and health in a natural way in Denmark. Today, Nordic Ayurveda consists of a team of highly qualified teachers and therapists, who are part of our team of therapists and Ayurveda education program.


Nordic Ayurveda APS is co-owner of AYA HOUSE: Ayurveda Yoga Awareness House located in the middle of beautiful natural surroundings in North Zealand. 
AYA HOUSE offers day and weekend retreats, Tridosha Yoga, individual sessions and life-giving and rejuvenative Ayurvedic signature treatments. Read more here!


Kristine Swalethorp

CEO and Co-founder of Nordic Ayurveda

Kristine has a background in law and economics.

She has personally practiced Ayurvedic principles for the past 10 years, and in summer 2020, she moved back to Denmark after three years in the USA, where she became a certified Ayurvedic lifestyle teacher at the Chopra Center University in California.

After seeing and experiencing how integrated medicine is used in the USA and how central a role Ayurveda plays, her mission is to create even greater awareness and to support others in the Ayurvedic principles, so together we can become better at preventing disease in Denmark and achieve the best, longest and happiest life possible. She is currently doing her six years training to be an Ayurvedic practitioner from California College of Ayurveda.

Maria Juhl

Author, Co-founder and Visionary leader at Nordic Ayurveda

From the time yoga and Ayurveda helped Maria out of depression as a young university student in 2001, she has been passionate about living a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle and passing these tools on to others. Her dedicated vision is to spearhead a movement in the North of holistic healing, health and wellbeing. A movement founded on but not confined to inner healing and health but also a sustainable way of living in harmony with our planet and all its’s beings.

Maria is a qualified doula/birth coach, and Life and Business Coach. She completed her intensive education in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic philosophy at the Chopra Center University, California with Deepak Chopra from 2009-2014.

Maria has published the books in Danish “Lev mere – Kæmp mindre: Ayurvedisk livsstil I Norden” (2017) and “AYURVEDA – FØLG NATURENS RYTME” (Gyldendal, 2019). The first is translated to English.


Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Ayurvedic Chef, Ayurvedic Herbalist, and Yoga Therapist

Christina was trained from California College of Ayurveda. Since 2005, she has inspired and supported people through her company SimpleVeda.

In Dallas, Texas, she collaborates with Baylor University Medical Center Hospital in integrating Ayurveda’s tools with conventional medicine. At Nordic Ayurveda, she is a co-teacher on the education program as well as contributing with webinars in our Online Ayurvedic Lifestyle Universe.


Nordic Ayurveda therapist instructor and producer of the Ayurvedic brand ByKorsholm

Mette Korsholm is one of the greatest practitioners within Ayurveda in Denmark. With twenty years of professional work as a masseur, occupational therapist, life coach, and biopath behind her combined with her passion Ayurveda, she brings her unique background and expertise. Mette has also apprenticed with skilled and reputable Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in India.

ByKorsholm body oils are at the core of her product range with their custom composition of herbs and fragrances that support the body’s own healing and balance. Mette also has experience teaching in spa, clinic and wellness concepts and has her own clinic and showroom.

Mette is the principal teacher on the Nordic Ayurveda Therapist education program, where she generously shares her knowledge and very special approach to Nordic Ayurveda.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Healer, and Ayurvedic Therapist

Lila is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher (KRI) in the USA, and she teaches Kundalini Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healing both at home and abroad. Lila is also a Reiki Master Healer and has been teaching self-healing and Reiki since 1999.

For the past twenty years, Lila has dedicated herself to bringing calm, balance, and new joy to people suffering from stress and people with busy everyday lives—through yoga and movement and in her treatments, including sound massage and sound therapy.

From fall 2022, you can take the Nordic Kundalini Yoga education program — a productive collaboration between Lila and Nordic Ayurveda


Journalist, Sustainability Expert and Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant

Mathilde Moyell is the founder of orgayana.com — an online lifestyle magazine for health and sustainability. In 2020, she returned home to Denmark after spending seven years in Singapore, where she helped set the agenda in Asia for how we can reduce our dependence on plastic and improve our green habits with small realistic steps.

In Denmark, Mathilde’s focus has increasingly been on conscious sustainability—how we can mentally move closer to a greener everyday life by putting ourselves first, but also by becoming far more aware that nature is just as much in us as we are in it.

We are proud of our partnership with Mathilde, as our vision is to create increased awareness about how we can achieve health by both creating sustainability within as well as without in our interactions with the nature around us. Mathilde is responsible for sustainability and communication at Nordic Ayurveda.

Hayel Celik-Graversen

Independent Legal Advisor & Business Developer

Hayel specializes in cross-border legal services and is driven by entrepreneurship, tech development and weightlifting. She is also an advocate for equality and women’s rights and cultivates women’s literature and women’s networks in various contexts.

Since 2009, Hayel has worked with human rights, international tax law and employment law as a Consultant and Associate Attorney and most recently as an In-house Legal Advisor in a research institution. Since February 2020, Hayel has been the sole founder of Legal Master Advisor, which provides tailored advice to individuals and business leaders.

In addition, Hayel runs ‘slow living’ initiatives through nature experiences for children and adults and through renting out guest accommodation in North Zealand for everyone who needs to be close to nature.

At Nordic Ayurveda, she is an external legal advisor to the management and a collaboration partner in business development. She is training as an Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant to be able to link the holistic approach to problem solving and at the same time spread the message about Ayurvedic life philosophy and tools in the Nordic countries with the intention of creating health-promoting communities, personal development and spiritual education.

Nira Kehar

Ayurvedic chef, cookbook author and concept developer

Nira Kehar was born and raised in Canada by immigrant-Indian parents. Originally a trained French chef, she now infuses that with Ayurvedic cuisine.

Nira has lived in New York and New Delhi, among other places, where she ran the restaurant Chez Nini for almost a decade. We are so grateful that she is married to a Dane and lives in Denmark, and cooks on most of Nordic Ayurveda’s education programs and retreats.

Nira’s abilities and our partnership go far beyond the always experimental and delicious food. Her creative and conceptual qualities, as well as deep Dharma within Ayurveda have brought us together for a longer and more in-depth collaboration — so watch this space!

Nira is also the author of Ojas: Modern Recipes and Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Ayurveda.


Doctor, Clairvoyant and Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant

Lotte is a GP and has worked as a doctor for over ten years in both hospitals and general practice.

In recent years, the understanding of the whole person has been of great interest to Lotte. Through thousands of conversations with patients, she discovered how much our minds— that is, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors—affect our physical body. She has seen how much the psychological side occupies in a health problem, and therefore, she always spends time uncovering that aspect. We can’t separate the body from the mind and the soul if we want to be successful with a treatment.

Lotte, therefore, supplemented her medical education with clairvoyance training and most recently with Ayurvedic guidance training. Now Lotte has her own clinic, where she offers holistic health guidance based on the whole person. Lotte is a co-teacher on the Ayurveda Therapist education program, as well as a guest teacher at our retreats. You can book a holistic health session with Lotte in AYA House here!


Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant

In addition to being an Ayurvedic health and lifestyle consultant, Maibritt is also a qualified nutritionist. In her practice, she works with personal one-on-one courses in order to support the individual in positive lifestyle changes, at both her clinic in Frederikssund and online.

Through personal experience with stress and obesity, Maibritt is passionate about helping others find the right strategy for sustainable health. She uses several Ayurvedic tools, such as the right diet for you, and how you can create more quality of life and less stress in your life and thereby, achieve a life in balance.

At Nordic Ayurveda, Maibritt is a guest lecturer on our seasonal retreats.


Healing masseur, Ayurvedic therapist and Yoga therapist

Lill-Britt is Nordic Ayurveda’s master therapist with more than thirty years of experience within yoga, meditation, and various other aspects of body well-being. Lill-Britt holds qualifications within Ayurveda, meditation, spa treatments, yoga, and healing massage as well as conversation therapy.

As a healing masseur, spa, and yoga therapist, she embraces everything from beneficial body treatments and energizing yoga massage to personal training with yoga. Lill-Britt’s dedicated goal is for you to find peace and balance and become the best version of you.

Lill-Britt was named Årets Ildsjæl [Most Passionate Person of the Year] at the Danish Beauty Awards in 2019, and performed the signature treatment that Nordic Ayurveda won with in 2022. You can book Lill-Britt’s transforming Ayurveda treatments at Nordic Ayurveda, where you can choose between the Ayurveda Signature treatment with and without Shirodhara, the Luxury Package or Ayurvedic nasya. Read more here!


Ayurvedic therapist, kinesiologist, and healer

Anita has twelve years of experience as a therapist in Ayurveda treatment, kinesiology, healing, holistic and conversation therapy.

Anita is the only person in Denmark trained in India in Vijay’s Foot Therapy. Anita is also a qualified Ayurveda Abhyanga masseur, kinesiologist, healer, self-worth coach, and tantra and meditation teacher.

Anita’s aim is to bring about physical and mental balance, awareness and inner peace in both humans and animals. You can book Anita’s refreshing Ayurveda treatments at Nordic Ayurveda in AYA House, where you can choose between the Ayurveda Signature treatment with and without facial massage, as well as the special thorough Ayurvedic treatment—massaged with feet. Read more here!


Ayurvedic therapist and manufacturer of Ayurvedic supplements

Morten Krabbe has studied and worked with Ayurveda since 1987. He was educated at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, and in the pulse diagnosis method with Dr. Raju.

In 1994, Morten founded the Human Balance clinic and has since worked professionally with Ayurvedic heart rate diagnosis as well as diet and lifestyle guidance according to Ayurvedic principles.

In 2001, he established the Human Balance ApS health food company, which produces Trifalla, Trifalla Special and Reumazall as well as importing and distributing a large number of other products of Ayurvedic origin. At Nordic Ayurveda, Morten is a teacher on the education program in the subjects pulse diagnosis and other methods for dosha determination as well as herbology.


Meditation teacher

Noell is a trained Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher with Deepak Chopra and teaches both meditation and consciousness expansion. In January 2018, she created the successful Noell Crystals concept with the vision of building a bridge between the modern and the spiritual and conscious world.

Noell Crystals inspires you to implement more energy awareness in your everyday life, and offers you energy tools of the highest quality, as well as other organic and environmentally friendly products.

At Nordic Ayurveda, Noell teaches meditation and awareness raising both on the online Fundamentet for Sundhed course and the education program.


Freelance researcher and M.Sc. in Indology (Indian Studies) and Sanskrit

Sara Speyer has been a complementary therapist since 1995 and uses an eclectic mix of āyurveda, Chinese medicine, Nordic herbalism, and body treatments.

In 2017, she was awarded her Master’s in Indology (Indian Studies) from the University of Copenhagen. She has dealt extensively with the basic texts of āyurveda in Sanskrit, as well as with yogic and jyotiṣh texts.

Sara is a freelance researcher and teaches Sanskrit, as well as the philosophy and history behind yoga and āyurveda and much more. She is also part of an international research group jointly translating Gārgīyājyotiṣa—one of the oldest texts on the ancient sciences. At Nordic Ayurveda, Sara teaches the philosophy and history of Ayurveda on the education program.


Business consultant, coach, hypnotherapist, and Ayurveda therapist

Marko specializes in sales, management, psychology, planning, communication, and personal impact, and making people the best version of themselves.

For more than twenty years, Marko has helped to develop and inspire around 30,000 people from over sixty different industries. His strengths include getting people to open up faster, to recognize and to take responsibility for their own goals, patterns, habits, performance, and well-being.

At Nordic Ayurveda, he teaches the business module of the education program, where he supports our students and qualified Ayurvedic health and lifestyle consultants to succeed with their message and create a living.


Body therapy teacher, therapist, and yoga teacher

Rikke Hansen has been active in the field of body therapy since 2003. She owns Sanum.dk and works as a body therapist, yoga teacher, and supervisor in human development and health at all levels.

Rikke is a co-teacher on several therapist education programs, including the Nordic Ayurveda Therapist education program and BAM, as well as being the creator of the Body Therapeutic yoga education program: kyu.dk.

Rikke’s deeper intention is healing and understanding life through the body, and she guides you to understand the body’s language through, for instance, the meridian paths in the therapist education.


Physiotherapist and yoga teacher

Charlotte Nielsen is a qualified physiotherapist and employed as a clinical teacher in physiotherapy at Frederiksberg Health Center. She is also a trained yoga teacher and physioflow instructor and specializes in yoga for cancer patients and other people with special needs.

Charlotte is the owner of the Fys-Copenhagen company and has thirteen years of experience within teaching and disseminating anatomy and physiology on various education programs both nationally and internationally.

At Nordic Ayurveda, Charlotte teaches anatomy and physiology on the therapist education program, which she ensures is relevant and meaningful.




Deepak Chopra, world-renowned expert within the field of holistic health and NY Times bestseller

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