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STrengthen your OJAS

How to create mental and spiritual bolstering  Maybe you recognize the feeling of being energy depleted and unwell no matter how much you sleep. Or long periods where your immune […]


What is the purpose of my life? Where am I heading? Does what I am doing even make sense? Most of us have times in our lives when feel down […]


Once you get to know the month’s cycle, you can use your knowledge and acceptance to bring about balance in your life. A woman’s menstrual cycle – just like the […]


An Ayurvedic cleansing is gentle on your system and can be performed on several different levels. It can be adapted to ordinary everyday life or run as a more in-depth […]


Detox is an effective way to restore balance in your system if you have recurrent discomfort or chronic pain – this applies to both physical and mental symptoms of imbalance. […]

Birthing the creator – about consciousness

If someone asks me, what is most important to me, I would have to say; discovering, uncovering and acknowledging, what life or the universe is all about. I absolutely love […]

Live More – Struggle Less ! Ayurveda in the North

I have always loved to away travel from the so-called “western” world. To get away from the comfort and the ideas so ingrained in our part of the world and […]

The Showdown with One Size Fits All!

Listen up rebels: there’s good news! A tradition of holistic health exists that celebrates individuality and rejects the idea that ‘one size fits all’: Ayurveda. The Science of Life, Ayurveda, […]

The path away disease + guided relaxation

  Are lifestyle diseases, which may be triggered by the over-activation of the nervous system (called stress), in reality a reflection of a deeper existential crisis? The crisis of not […]

Pleasure vs Sin

We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world… (from A Brief from The Defence by Jack Gilbert)   There is no doubt […]

Daring to be imperfect

– letting go of control!   Do you like to exert control? Do you chase perfection or know when to let go?   That dosha – or life energy – […]

Love and soften cancer!

I know that’s controversial – but I have to take a position with this blog. I’d like to present a different perspective on cancer to the one being fed to […]