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  I’m sure that you like me intuitively know that “one size” does NOT fit all. That what your neighbor can do, eat and achieve isn’t necessarily the same as what you can do, eat and achieve; that what brings your friend or partner health isn’t necessarily what brings you health. The result of your dosha quiz below reveals your personal body-mind-constitution. When completing the test, answer the questions without overthinking your answers. If you feel out of balance at the moment, then answer the questions according to your usual, natural state. Think back to a good time in your life, when you felt in balance and answer from there. If you become very confused and have trouble answering the questions, it may indicate that you have a lot of Vata in your system. This can bring irregularities with it, so you could benefit from asking one of those closest to you which answer they think best suits you.  

What is your dosha?

Score each of the following questions on a scale of 0-6 to find your personal dosha. 0 means that it’s never true, 3 means it’s sometimes true and 6 means it’s always true. You can use all numbers. Afterwards calculate the scores in each of the six different categories. To determine your dosha composition, you distinguish between questions concerning your body/physique and questions regarding your personality/temperament. Typically, one dosha dominates on most points, but your dosha composition could also be comprised of two or even all three doshas. After the test, I explain how to decide what type you are based on the number of points from your test. Have fun!  
Given in love <3

Vata body

  1. I have a slight build and have difficulty putting on weight.
  2. I’m either very tall or very small.
  3. My skin is often very dry, especially in winter.
  4. I sunburn easily.
  5. My hair is thin and dry.
  6. My eyes are small and they wander.
  7. My teeth are irregular.
  8. My joints are rigid and crack easily.
  9. I often have cold feet and hands.
  10. I develop constipation and wind in my stomach easily.
  11. I’m more sensitive to cold than others.
  12. I speak quickly – my friends say I’m talkative.
  13. I have difficulty falling asleep and/or sleeping through the night undisturbed.
  14. When I’m left to myself, my eating and sleeping habits are often irregular.
  15. I move fast, but get tired quickly – energy comes in waves.

Vata subtle

  1. I learn quickly, but forget things just as fast.
  2. I optimistically over-estimate how much time I have, thinking I can do it all in    half the time.
  3. I’m lively and excited by nature.
  4. I often have difficulty making a decision.
  5. I love everything that is new and have many creative ideas.
  6. When I feel stressed, I get nervous or anxious.
  7. I have mood swings.
  8. My mind is very active, sometimes restless, but very imaginative.
  9. I’m not resistant to stress. I get easily overwhelmed.
  10. I move easily and am easily emotionally moved.
  11. I feel better when I’m allowed to be innovative.
  12. My enthusiasm easily infects others – I’m often the center of attention.
  13. I feel better when I have the opportunity to be playful in my everyday life.
  14. I navigate the digital world easily, but can quickly become stressed because I     feel I am missing out on something.

Pitta body

  1. I am of medium build.
  2. I lose weight easily and can gain weight if I wish.
  3. My skin is fair or reddish, oily and sensitive.
  4. I don’t tolerate the sun well and am easily sunburned.
  5. I sweat a lot and often emit a slightly sour smell.
  6. I have an intense look and the whites of my eyes are often yellowed or blood-   shot.
  7. One or more of the following descriptions suits my hair: premature graying,   bald, or red. Thin, fine and straight hair, slightly oily.
  8. My teeth are moderate in size, with a tendency toward bleeding gums.
  9. My joints are loose and flexible.
  10. I have a huge appetite and can feel unwell if I skip a meal or if it’s delayed.
  11. My digestion is strong and I have regular bowel movements – I often have   loose stools rather than constipation.
  12. I like ice cold drinks and cold food.
  13. I prefer a cool rather than a warm environment.
  14. I sleep well and am usually satisfied with less than 8 hours of sleep.
  15. I am extremely precise and correct in my activities.

Pitta subtle

  1. I have strong will power and can be domineering.
  2. Although I don’t always show it, I get irritated or angry easily.
  3. Many people think I’m stubborn.
  4. I am a perfectionist when it comes to little things.
  5. I am impatient.
  6. I don’t like disagreements and conflicts.
  7. I love challenges and am very determined in my efforts to get what I want.
  8. I am quite critical – of both myself and others.
  9. I have a sharp, purposeful, and focused mind.
  10. Many people think I’m brave.
  11. I’m visionary and naturally take the lead role in a group.
  12. I’m a natural communicator and teacher.
  13. I feel good when I’m out in nature and beautiful surroundings.
  14. I can execute a plan and close a deal.

Kapha body

1. I am stocky and/or of big build. 2. I am heavy, gain weight easily and having trouble shedding the pounds. 3. My skin is thick, soft and clammy. 4. I sunburn easily, but then turn brown. 5. I have bushy, thick, and oily hair. 6. My teeth are big and well-formed. 7. My eyes are big and pleasant. 8. My joints are big and solid. 9. I have a constant moderate appetite, but can absolutely skip a meal. 10. My digestion is sluggish and slow. I feel heavy after having eaten. 11. I have a tendency toward congestion, asthma, and sinus problems. 12. I have to sleep at least 8 hours, I sleep heavily and like to lie-in in the morning. 13. I don’t do well in cold, damp weather. 14. I have physical stamina and my energy level is stable. 15. I eat slowly and all my actions are slow and thorough.

Kapha subtle

  1. I don’t learn as quickly others, but I have a good memory.
  2. I usually do everything slowly and in a relaxed manner.
  3. I rarely lose my temper.
  4. I like routines and staying in my comfort zone.
  5. The following words describe me: stable, warm, loving, and surrendering.
  6. I withdraw and become introverted under stress and/or during a conflict.
  7. My friends say I’m loyal and they know they can always come to me.
  8. If I don’t watch out, I can be a little lazy.
  9. I am collector and nostalgic – I find it difficult to let go of people and things.
  10. I am good at creating systems and structures at work and in life in general.
  11. I’m at my most happy when I make others happy.
  12. I make sure to prioritize family and family activities.
  13. I accept life as it is and am generally quite content.
  14. My openness and my loving presence draw other people to me.

Understand your score!

First compare the scores in the three body categories. Which dosha category did you have the highest score in? And which category has the second highest score? You don’t need to fixate on the numbers, they are nothing more than a tool to see your tendencies. However, as a guideline, if the sum of the category with the second highest score is higher than half the sum of first category, you are two-dosha at the physical level. For example: If you score Vata = 85, Pitta = 55 and Kapha = 38 means you are Vata-Pitta. You are also Vata-Pitta if you get Vata = 80, Pitta = 70 and Kapha = 30, but here, of course, your Pitta is much more pronounced than in the first example. You are a three-dosha if all three scores fall within a margin of 10. For example: Vata = 60, Pitta = 68 and Kapha = 65.  
Then compare the scores in the subtle categories. If they represent roughly the same totals as the scores in the body categories – if there is more or less the same point distribution between the three doshas – then you are a “pure” type. However, you might find that one dosha controls your body and another you temperament. For example: If you scored like in the first example above (Vata = 85, Pitta = 55 and Kapha = 38) and Vata = 80, Pitta = 60 and Kapha = 35 in the mind categories, you are a “pure” Vata-Pitta because Vata-Pitta is dominant in both body and mind. If, on the other hand, there is a big difference between the results in the body and mind categories, and again you score as in the first example in the body category (Vata = 85, Pitta = 55 and Kapha = 38), but Vata = 40, Pitta = 65 and Kapha = 60 in the mind categories, then you are Vata-Pitta in body and Pitta-Kapha in mind. In that case, you can either try balancing Pitta, which is significant in both categories, or you can choose to balance Vata first, if you are experiencing disease in your body in particular.  

How you use the test!

As a rule, you need to navigate for balancing your most significant dosha. If you are two-dosha and feel that your surroundings affect you more in your second-most dominant dosha, you can also choose to balance this. If you are a three-dosha, my best advice is that you get to know the principles and spend some time feeling how you are doing inside, so you can feel when the different doshas are dominate. Being a three-dosha can be a little tricky and this composition isn’t a sign that it’s easier for you to find balance. It’s rare to be a three-dosha, so a test result apparently indicating this may be a sign that your Vata is out of balance. When our Vata is imbalanced, we become more confused, flighty and changeable, so we have difficulty answering the questions level-headedly. If you suspect this to be the case, get a close friend to help you look through your answers.