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We are slowly but surely heading out of spring and into summer. But while spring is still in the air, we can take advantage of the perfect time to clean, get rid of winter waste products – Ama as they are called in Sanskrit – and come better into our body and clean out undigested feelings/thoughts.

Ayurvedic detox is a huge help here, but it can also pay off to look at our surroundings, now that we are in the process of a physical and mental “spring clean.”


Ayurvedic lifestyle and health consultant, Mathilde Moyell* has given several lectures on “decluttering” at home and living more minimalistically. She believes there are five areas where we can clean up our lives: Home, diary/time, digital, relationships, and mental.


Fewer things give more space to think and do things. Choose what is most manageable for you, but which will give a visible result. Take one room at a time or start with a wardrobe or cupboard in the bathroom.

There are many ways to tackle it, but one effective method is the “5 boxes method,” where you either box or pile your belongings according to these categories: Keep, sell, donate, recycle or rubbish.


Decluttering time is a good idea to get rid of overwhelm and stress. You will have more time and less “brain clutter.”

For example, look at:

– Creating systems: Categorize your calendar in colors – work, family, friends, etc.

This method has five steps:

Look back over the last week and write down the three most important appointments, whether it was work or leisure
What are your favorites?
Every month ask yourself – every time you put something in your diary: Is this the most important thing I can spend my time on right now?
Set boundaries e.g., Sunday morning is family, Wednesday yoga, etc.
Now see if you can delete some things from your diary. Do things for you and not to please others, respect your own time – everything has become more efficient with zoom – can your network coffee be done over zoom?


This can be a manageable and good place to start for some and completely unmanageable for others who have never made a system on their computer, or who are very dependent on digital communication. However, it is very concrete, and so can be a good place to start.

For example, look at:

– Cleaning your desktop: Systematize files and folders, unsubscribe from spam emails, remove notifications on your phone, carve out blocks in your time where you don’t have emails/texts/notifications ticking in, use the “screen time” function to see which apps you spend your time on. Delete apps that are not useful (but tempting) and maybe take a one-week or one-month detox from social media.


For many, cleaning up in relationships can be very beneficial, but also the most difficult of them all. Look at whether there are any people in your circle of friends that you find draining to be with and consider whether there are some people who give or take energy from you.

For instance:

Make a list of family, friends, and acquaintances
Draw a circle around those who you are unsure whether they add to your life or not
Imagine having to have coffee with them tomorrow, how are you feeling in your stomach? Happy, excited, nervous?
What if they cancel, would you feel relieved or annoyed?
Consider whether you need to clean up your relationships a little and cultivate others – this can be done in more or less drastic ways, depending on the situation (“breaking up” or letting it dwindle out)


We all probably all have a myriad of thoughts and know what an obstacle it can be in many situations in everyday life. The best way to get more clarity in your mind is meditation. Another good thing can be to do is journaling where you write down:
the 3 most important things you would like to achieve today
(in the evening) the 3 best things about your day.

The two complement each other, as you quickly learn what is most important, but at the same time, you empty your brain, so you are ready for the day or night.

* In addition to being an Ayurvedic health and lifestyle consultant from Nordic Ayurveda, Mathilde Moyell is also a neuro coach and mental trainer, a yoga teacher and she also has certificates in nutrition, sustainability, and natural skin care. See more on her website orgayana, where you can also find more articles on decluttering.