Chronic pain, disease, adversity in life. We all experience them sooner or later. Why do some people come out stronger after illness and adversity while others break? Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to life that is based on a fundamental belief that we can turn pain and adversity into something positive.

At Nordic Ayurveda, we want to debunk three untrue beliefs that we believe reduce the life quality of many people, and that unfortunately are often embedded in the modern approach to health and disease prevention measures. 
With our Ayurvedic approach, we replace the three life-reducing approaches with three life-supporting and positive core beliefs, which help to raise our conscious awareness and set a positive and life-affirming course for life.


1. We lose life energy and become sicker as we age

It’s expected that with age we will develop various defects and diseases and that it’s only natural that we lose life energy. This claim deprives us of hope but also of the value of an old age full of the wisdom and joy we can gain as we get older because we know ourselves much better and know what is good for us.

2. We are primarily a product of our genes and our upbringing

Disease and adversity are often genetically determined or a result of the environment we grew up in. This claim deprives us of taking responsibility but also of the opportunity to change something. It can keep us locked in inappropriate patterns because we think we are primarily a product of external influences.

3. We are physical by nature, and we must die

We are only present and have a meaning when we have a body and are in the physical world. When we focus narrow-mindedly on the physical dimension and only seek answers in the physiological world, we limit ourselves and our consciousness. This applies both in relation to the course of a disease, but also to our overall approach to life, where accepting dimensions beyond the physical gives mental freedom.

If these three beliefs characterize you and your life to a great extent, then we would like to invite you to look at them and try to challenge them with three core beliefs that open up a different approach.


1. Accept the conditions of your life

When you accept the conditions of your life and go with them instead of against them, this positive approach brings about life energy that you can use to create something positive in and with your life. If you are chronically ill, then accept the terms and give yourself the opportunity to turn it into something powerful in your life.

2. Pain and discomfort are a good thing

If you meet pain, discomfort and symptoms with a positive approach, then they can show you the way to a life in balance. And when it comes to chronic pain and adversity in life, they can become a gift that opens up a greater conscious awareness in you.

3. You can change your behavior and, thereby, your destiny

When you take responsibility for your own life and your behavior, you also give yourself the opportunity to define your own path in life. Taking yourself seriously and taking back your authority over yourself will enable you to take control of your destiny.

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