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Birthing the creator – about consciousness



This is the time, my blog transitions from the more easily understandable parts of the ayurvedic philosophy into the harder to grasp – but infinitely more powerful tools of self-healing and -understanding. The aspect of Ayurveda, I have always been interested in, which made me a student of Deepak Chopra ayurveda.

If someone asks me, what is most important to me, I would have to say; discovering, uncovering and acknowledging, what life or the universe is all about. I absolutely love my physical existence, but the deepest, most passionate part of me is so driven towards this mystery. Who am I? Why am I here? If I truly am the creator of my reality, as so many suggest, what does that mean and how do I access this power?


The journey of all journeys

The underlying truth of the yoga- and ayurvedic philosophy tells us, we are consciousness having a physical experience. I view life as a journey through the doshas, which are like junction points between physicality and consciousness. Vata connections me to my dreams and creative ideas – reminds me that there is more to life, than what meets the eye. Pitta is the driving force pulling me towards my goals – most especially the goal of all goals; self-discovery. Kapha is my friend, who again and again show me, how the physical universe, I experience, is an embodiment of my consciousness. In other words the seemingly physical world, I experience as “outside myself”, is a reflection of my soul. And since my soul is all about movement and growth, the world is subject to change at any minute.


Parallel realities – the play of the universe

Existence as we know it consists of parallel realities. Or as some put it; all things exist simultaneously. To grasp this you have to use a fundamentally different way of thinking – or more precisely you have to expand from linear thinking to a more holistic approach.

Normally we think in linear time. We think there was a past, is a now and will be a future. That life is all about moving from A to B – from birth to death. The deepest aspect of who we are – call it consciousness, soul or spirit – exists everywhere at once. The deeper reality is, all times and all experiences exist simultaneously.


The power of transformation

You can begin to understand this by acknowledging, that everything you can imagine, dream of and fear already exist in a parallel reality. It is already fully accessible. When someone has a “wake-up call” or peak experience in their life, they so to speak move from one parallel reality into another. Life suddenly changes so much, they can hardly recognize themselves, because they jumped from one reality to another – already existing – reality. I had many experiences like that, the most life transforming being on 9/11 2001 – at the exact time the Twin Towers fell to the ground. From living a life, where I suffered intense pain and depression, I had been introduced to yoga once, and suddenly I was able to completely let go. Let go of the false beliefs, that had me loathe life and myself and turn my whole life around literally from one moment to the next.

Transformation refers to going from one state of consciousness to another without being able to go back.

However moving from one parallel reality to another does actually happen every single moment for each of us. Some jumps are very noticeable like mine on 9/11, other are less obvious and progression happens at a seeming slower pace. To me this is what life is all about; Journeying through the layers and refining our consciousness to greater and greater degrees of expansion – which we recognize as happiness, lightness of being and fully becoming the creator of our own reality.


Birthing the creator

When you expand, it can, in my experience, feel a little intense. It’s like growing out of your clothes – and even your skin. It can lead to restlessness, being unable to sleep, dizziness and general discomfort. I think women, who have given birth, most easily can relate to this feeling. Expanding into greater alignment with your soul and your higher purpose, I too view as birth. We keep being born into a new reality – that of a higher refinement, if we are conscious. We keep shedding our old beliefs, experiences and self-images. When we are first born, we are naked and this is how, it also feels, to stand by and flow with your soul’s direction. More and more you can become, who you truly are.

I have been born into a spearhead of holistic health and healing of modern times. A communicator of intense joy and ecstasy. That parallel reality existed all the time and I have numerous times seen myself communicating these truths. I am now allowing that into my physical experience.

I am ready.

And I have the support of someone, seemingly outside myself but not really, who has always inspired me on my path.

Who are you becoming as you expand?


Given in love <3


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