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Love and soften cancer!


I know that’s controversial – but I have to take a position with this blog. I’d like to present a different perspective on cancer to the one being fed to […]

Daring to be imperfect


– letting go of control!   Do you like to exert control? Do you chase perfection or know when to let go?   That dosha – or life energy – […]

Pleasure vs Sin


We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world… (from A Brief from The Defence by Jack Gilbert)   There is no doubt […]

The road to disease


Are lifestyle diseases, which may be triggered by the over-activation of the nervous system (called stress), in reality a reflection of a deeper existential crisis? The crisis of not knowing who […]

The Showdown with One Size Fits All!


Listen up rebels: there’s good news! A tradition of holistic health exists that celebrates individuality and rejects the idea that ‘one size fits all’: Ayurveda. The Science of Life, Ayurveda, […]

Struggle Less – Live More!


I have always loved to away travel from the so-called “western” world. To get away from the comfort and the ideas so ingrained in our part of the world and […]

Birthing the creator – about consciousness


This is the time, my blog transitions from the more easily understandable parts of the ayurvedic philosophy into the harder to grasp – but infinitely more powerful tools of self-healing […]